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Summary of test certificates Università Bologna Dipartimento Scienze
The following test reports referred to the results of the analyses performed on glass surfaces – treated and not treated with TECNOCLEAN – and then contaminated with microbial charge E. coli – Staphylococcus aureus ATCC – Streptococcus mutans
Show the elimination of the microbial charge on the surfaces treated with TECNOCLEAN:
Circa 96% - 98% on glass surfaces treated with TECNOCLEAN
Circa 97% - 99,9 % for spittoons / washbasins treated with TECNOCLEAN
The test reports have been performed contaminating the supports with concentrated bacterial brodocultura.
That substantially in realty don’t exist, but the concentrated brodocultura is necessary to perform certifications in base of the current European Normatives on the one hand and on the other hand to create extreme situations that help to measure the real antibacterial capacity of the product. All tests have been made on glass surfaces and on ceramic surfaces (their covering is primarily glassy). Many of our clients do appreciate these results: they confirm that the TECNOCLEAN coating beside the water-repellent and non-stick effect has a valid and stable antibacterial function : the reduction of the bacterial charge on supports treated with TECNOCLEAN is circa 96% - 99% in comparison to not treated supports.
- Università Bologna report n. 12.2743
- Università Bologna report n.12.2507
- Università Bologna report n.12.2744
- Università Bologna report n.12.2745
- Addendum test report

Summary of certificate Istituto Giordano TECNOCLEAN SOLAR :
The definition of the characteristics bright and solar has been performed according to the norm UNI EN 410:2011 The factors transmission of brightness / direct energy transmission /transmission UV result on the surface covered with TECNOCLEAN solar completely unchanged. Consequently, the covering is no impairment at all for function and earnings of energy of the solar panel.
- Istituto Giordano rapporto di prova n.292865

Summary of certificates : Centro Ceramico Bologna
Test resistance to temperature:
The test confirms the resistance to temperature of the surfaces treated with TECNOCLEAN . The test has been executed with hot vapour under pressure, in order to increase the deteriorating action of the heat, what is a fundamental characteristic in saunas and in the prolonged exposure to the heat of solar panels and all glass surfaces exposed to the sun.
Test angle of contact:
The angle of contact test usually is used to know the adhesion of a material to a surface. A big angle of contact means a smaller adhesion to the surface. A smaller adhesion increases the glide of a liquid on a vertical surface. This glide means a water-repellent function. This water repellent, non-stick function creates a strong cleaning action. The test proves too, that on a surface with a big angle of contact the adhesion of dirt and dust is smaller too.
- Test angle of contact
- Test resistance to temperature

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